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The idea of creating Bouk's came to me in Australia in 2012.

Left with friends in this superb country and doing thanks to this trip to the 5 continents and still having not found a brand in my image, that of a lover of travel and extreme sports, I decided to take action returning to Europe the following year creating a brand that can go anywhere with that eye-catching logo that so many fun-loving, laid-back people of all ages, styles, sports, backgrounds and fields identify with.

Seeking the best French and international suppliers and wanting to manufacture clothes that seek to be as cool as possible, the first collection will see the light of day at the end of 2018.


Since its start, Bouk's has climbed some interesting stages, notably in a corner shop in St Barthélémy in the Caribbean, in shops in Guadeloupe and Saint Martin and by updating its website and social networks very regularly. so that you are always informed of the novelties and, on our side, that no remark and improvement escape us.


Anxious to continue to develop the brand more and more, it will not cease to surprise you over time with its vertiginous collaborations, its magnificent landscapes and its moments of happiness that you take the time to send us so that we can share them. Growing the community a little more every day.



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